Movie Review – The Woodcarver (2012)

John Ratzenberger as Ernest Otto in The Woodcarver (2012)
John Ratzenberger as Ernest Otto in The Woodcarver (2012)

Matthew (Dakota Daulby) prayed when his parents started arguing, he asked God to stop them from separating as their marriage crumbled. So when the arguing didn’t stop and his dad moved out Matthew took his anger out on the local church building by vandalising it. It is how he comes to meet Ernest Otto (John Ratzenberger), a woodcarver who since his wife died has given up working but who years earlier had created many of the now broken ornate wood panels for the church and who agrees to do so again, taking Matthew under his wing as the young man has to make good for the damage he caused. It is Ernest who encourages Matthew to consider WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) when ever he is faced with a decision and it leads to not only a change in Matthew but a bond forming between Ernest and the teenager. But with the wood production company, who Matthew’s father works for, desperate for a contract to supply the wood for the new Sunday school building, something which Ernest already agreed to do, there is trouble in the air.

Above the title “The Woodcarver” features the letters WWJDII so just in case you are not aware, this is the second movie in the WWJD series which started with “What Would Jesus Do?” in 2010. Continue reading