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Do they still say The Lord’s Prayer in schools?

I ask that question because I remember when I was at junior school and certainly during the first couple of years at secondary school we said The Lord’s Prayer every day during assembly. Although I am sure like many I only learned to say The Lord’s Prayer parrot fashioned rather than really taking to heart the words, well I was young and more interested in playing marbles at the time.

But the other morning I found myself not just saying The Lord’s Prayer but also contemplating the words. Truthfully it had been too many years since I had last said it and forgot the exact words of one line. But that contemplating of the words led to me digging in to them deeper as I found myself thinking about them over and over again, kind of like having the most beautiful prayer ear worm. So this post is simply how The Lord’s Prayer has ended up speaking to me and what I learned as I delved deeper.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name;

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