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Pity Party for One

Pity Party for OneI am not a huge fan of parties, people doing small talk is a challenge for me, but I use to have quite a regular party, a pity party just for me so that I could moan about life being unfair and so on. Praise the Lord that I have moved on from those days where thanks to wallowing in self pity I could easily waste an entire day feeling bad for myself and moaning about how much my life sucked.

But as with most things in life I have learned a few things about dealing with that life robbing fed-up funk which I want to share with you.

1) Tell the Devil to Do One

That image is a pin I found on pinterest, I don’t know who originated it as it has been pinned, shared and tweeted enough times that it is hard to find the source. But it is an image out of a study bible and it tells you right there what the devil does; he wants you to feel self-pity, he wants you to feel like you deserve better, I could go on but to put it plainly the devil lies and it is those lies which are making you feel bad and indulging in self pity, believing the World owes you something and you deserve an easy ride. Continue reading