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Call to Prayer – Schools

PrayerDo you ever have one of those days where you just feel great sadness for the way the World is going and that sadness feels like your soul is under a physical attack. This happened to me whilst I was preparing to launch the Slanting-N and it helped to spur me on to start this blog. It started on a Wednesday as I walked home from a trip to town and there was a group of teenage girls walking near me on their way to school and every other word they said was a swear word and I just wanted to turn around to them and say something but I didn’t. Instead I wondered whether they spoke like that at home and whether schools had changed so much that swearing had become common place in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong as I remember acting big and swearing when I was a teenager but this felt different, this sadly flowed in such a natural way that I imagine that they might struggle to hold a conversation without swearing.

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