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Wondering Why Without a Flux Capacitor

Paul Nigh's 'TeamTimeCar.com' Back to the Future DeLorean Time MachineWhilst not intended this post works as a companion piece to “Don’t Let Your Past Rob You of Now” as they both focus on dealing with your past.

This year marks 10 years since I had major back surgery and when ever I look in the mirror at my back I can see the long scar which is a reminder that I have a few screws and wires in my spine. Whilst the operation has provided me some stability it didn’t remove the pain, lust lessened it a little and I still require a stick to walk with. My back issues are not the only thing which doesn’t seem to have changed a great deal over the last decade; I may be debt free and self employed but I barely scrape through each week just like many do. And whilst I never imagined it would be this way I am still living in my parents’ home.

But do you know what, all this; my history with gambling, the debt I ended up in, the back issues and other health issues I have contended with are no longer baggage which I drag around but are part of my story and are blessings. Yes, I really did say blessings Continue reading