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My Passion for Movies and How God Challenged It

My Passion for Movies and How God Challenged ItSuperman, Star Wars, The Great Escape, and the Sound of the Music; these four movies were a major part of my childhood as every Easter, Christmas, or bank holiday it would be these movies which were shown on TV and I would watch them again and again, much to the annoyance of my family. It was through these movies that my passion for cinema was born and when I started earning my own money as a teenager I got my first VCR and started amassing a pretty large collection of movies. Then when I got my first full time job my passion for movies really took off as each week when I got paid I would be straight down the shops to snap up the bargains, often adding five videos to my collection at a time. It wasn’t just the collecting of movies I loved as there were the posters, books, and movie magazines as well as the technology which back then cost a small fortune. Continue reading