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A Focus on Prayer… or Not

A Focus on Prayer... or NotI love to pray; not something I would have said last year but since rediscovering my faith I realise how much I like to pray. Before I get out of bed in the morning I thank the Lord for the night’s sleep and the bed I have slept in whilst amongst other things asking him to bless my day ahead. I will pray before I do my morning bible study as well as after, I will pray as I walk along the street thanking God for the beauty of his creation. I will pray for the safety of a car driver who goes speeding down the road as well as those he speeds past. I will pretty much pray about anything and anyone and that includes prayers for myself from asking for restored health and finances to patience so that I will not be disheartened when something I would like to happen sooner rather than later doesn’t happen.

And I encourage others to pray as much as they can because it really changes your attitude when you try to be in conversation with God at all times. And don’t worry about wasting his time with what you might think are insignificant worries or prayers as God knows our hearts and he wants us to talk to him, he cares. Continue reading