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Letting Go of Being a Control Freak

Letting Go of being a Control FreakI have wrestled with not knowing God’s plan for my life for what seems a long time; I have spent days reading the bible and blog posts about discovering his plan which tell you to trust and pray as he guides your steps. And I know I am not alone in doing this because I know that like many I like to live life with an end goal is so that I can plan my next steps and know what I am doing the rest of today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year.

But in truth it isn’t so much about the goal and the plan to achieve it but it is about being in control and in particular it is about ME, I want to be in control, knowing what I will do next in order to achieve that goal. The irony of this is that from my own experiences having a plan and being in control is an illusion because pretty much every time I have a plan for how a day will play out it rarely does. Continue reading