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Me, My Mind and the Devil

“Raindrops on roses. And whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things.”

The Devil, Me and My MindFor those who didn’t watch a certain movie repeatedly during their childhood, those words are lyrics from “My Favourite Things” sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. And whilst I am not going to go into their significance straight away you might be able to guess why I mention them. And I know that right now you are probably singing the song as well, go on enjoy it.

So I have mentioned once or twice before that I have struggled with anxiety, suffered panic attacks and also suffered depression and I mention them again partly because I believe we should not hide these things away, it is sweeping them under the carpet that can lead to years of built up issues and a lot more work to deal with when you finally confront them. Continue reading

Sunday Dread – Being an Introvert in Church

Sunday Dread - Being an Introvert in ChurchIt’s Sunday morning and I am feeling good because church starts in a couple of hours which means great worship and great preaching. Yet at the same time there is a sense of dread simmering up inside as I know I should get there early to join in the social activities before church but I never feel comfortable with making small talk. And I know after we have sung the first couple of songs we will be told to turn around and greet someone nearby, and that means more small talk. And then there is the social bit afterwards as people mill around enjoying coffee and more small talk. You see it isn’t that I am anti-social, I genuinely like people, but I am an introvert who suffers from anxiety issues, I’ve never been married, don’t have children and there are days when I get home from church exhausted by all the social interaction and small talk. To be honest there are times I get home from church feeling a little depressed because week after week I hear the call to be Christ filled evangelical Christians, go-getters for the Lord yet all I want to do in that moment is retreat, shut myself off from human contact and have some solitude. Continue reading