The Stubborn Sheep

As I sat about working out what my first blog post would be on the Slanting-N I came across something I wrote back towards the start of 2018. I remember clearly writing it as it was a Saturday morning and I was going about my usual Saturday morning routine of doing the housework when all of a sudden I felt something telling me to go and write this story down. And so I sat at my computer and started typing, saving what I had done and didn’t think too much more about it other than doing this was not something I would normally do, as someone who reviews movies I don’t tend to get this sort of inspiration or calling to write something non movie related. Anyway here is the short story I felt called to write:

The Story of a Stubborn Sheep

He was born a lamb and raised by his parents to follow the shepherd who always was loving towards him as well as the other sheep. But one day he saw some other sheep that were doing Continue reading


ChurchOne of my earliest memories is going to church, sitting on the same wooden pew we did every week as if it was reserved purely for my family, having been inhabited by previous generations. I can remember the vicar in his black gown and dog collar up in the pulpit preaching and I remember going to Sunday school in the building next to the main church. And that was the routine pretty much every Sunday, walking with my mum and I think my sister, to the Baptist church across town, about a mile from our home whilst I think my dad and my older brother stayed at home.

That was back in the 70s and then in the 80s we not only moved a little further away from that church but we were invited to go to a Pentecostal church which had recently started up and now was holding Sunday services at a community centre just a 10 minute walk from our home. And trust me what a difference that was, going from a very traditional church service to one which was lively, where the pastor wore a suit instead of robes and he walked too and fro whilst giving the word and boy would he preach with over whelming passion. Even the music was completely Continue reading

Behind the Name

The Slanting NHave you ever looked at Matthew 1:1-17, that bit which is titled in the NIV version as “The Genealogy of Jesus”. I have to be honest and say that when I come across these types of Bible genealogies I tend to skip over them having done so with this one in Matthew on more than one occasion when I was younger. That was until I started a Bible study on Matthew and found myself spending getting on for almost 3 hours on just the first chapter of Matthew as the person who had written it had done so on a very deep, theological level, much of which was interesting but also way too heavy for me.

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