Movie Review – The Bouquet (2013)

Kristy Swanson as Terri in The Bouquet (2013)
Kristy Swanson as Terri in The Bouquet (2013)

Terri Benton (Kristy Swanson) is busy with her job in the city, so busy that when ever her mother, Bonnie (Nicola Cavendish), calls asking her to come home to see her father she always fobs her off. Terri’s sister, Mandy (Alberta Mayne), is not much better as whilst she only lives 20 miles away she is always busy with the latest cause she is championing. But when Terri and Mandy’s father suddenly dies it leads to both girls coming home only to learn more bad news, the florists that he ran with Bonnie, assisted by their friend Sam (Michael Shanks), is in dire straits and in need of a miracle to survive. What Terri hasn’t told anyone is that shortly before her father died she was let go from her job and so throws herself in to saving the business, bringing it into the 21st century. Trouble is that she plans to return to the city as soon as she gets a job offer, which means leaving everything to Mandy to keep going whilst spurning any advances from Sam.

I like all types of movies but particular like those movies which deliver an inspirational message whilst also enjoying those movies which are inoffensive and family friendly. “The Bouquet” falls into that second group as it is an inoffensive movie which is sweet and charming. But that means that like so many sweet and charming movies “The Bouquet” is also ultimately obvious. Yet that is part of the charm as this is one of those lazy afternoon movies where you just want to watch something which won’t tax your brain or make you recoil due to the language or graphic scenes.

Alberta Mayne as Mandy in The Bouquet (2013)
Alberta Mayne as Mandy in The Bouquet (2013)

As such the main storyline to “The Bouquet” is very much a familiar one as we have Terri returning home, trying to save the business whilst becoming close to Sam only for the lure of the city bringing in to question, well not really, as to how this storyline will end up. But that is not the only storyline in “The Bouquet” as we also have a storyline surrounding Mandy feeling left out and having always felt that their mum favoured Terri not only when they were growing up but still does as she is more excited at Terri’s suggestions. It is an interesting but not over demanding side story which brings with a little tribulation but unsurprisingly some triumph. There is also a third minor subplot surrounding Sam’s part and why he ends up close to Bonnie and her late husband, often having dinner with them where he says grace before they eat.

What this means is that “The Bouquet” is the sort of movie which is likely to grab the attention of those who are familiar with some of the actors. And for the sort of movie which this is both Kristy Swanson and Michael Shanks deliver the pleasant performances which contribute to its easy going nature. In fairness all the cast deliver easy going characters although there are times when some of the acting, or at least the delivery of the lines, just doesn’t comes across as being completely naturally.

So to put it simply “The Bouquet” is just a nice, inoffensive afternoon movie which whilst nothing special is easy to watch, wholesome entertainment.

The Bouquet (2013)
The Bouquet (2013)

Cast: Kristy Swanson, Danny Glover, Alberta Mayne, Michael Shanks, Nicola Cavendish, Jeremy Guilbaut, Stephen E. Miller, Daniel Bacon
Director: Anne Wheeler
Length: 99 mins
Genre: Family

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