Food Served All Day

Burger - Food Served All DayNot far from where I live there is a pub called The Angels and at the entrance to one of the car-parks is a sign which says “The Angels – Food served all day”. I must have walked past that sign hundreds of times and never paid any attention to it until the other morning when for no reason it grabbed my attention and made me smile. Now this isn’t the reason why it made me smile but whilst writing this blog post I thought to myself what a wonderful name and slogan it would make for a facility providing food for the homeless.

Getting back on point here is what came across my mind when that sign made me smile and inspired this blog post, “Thank God for his all day nourishment”. It was simply those four words “Food served all day” which made me smile, which made me grateful, which made me start to sing because 24/7 we not only have God on tap through the power of prayer but he gave us the Bible, the most nourishing book I have ever read. And I don’t mean that just in the self help manner of so many books which at times have briefly grabbed my attention but are quickly forgotten as the Bible is more than just a guide for life or an owner’s manual it is God’s love letter to us.

The thing is that to get that nourishment you can’t just wolf the Bible down like a burger from a fast food joint or gulp it down like an energy drink, you need to spend time appreciating and savouring the words, the verses, the chapters and books. You need to go beyond just liking those powerful Bible verses which we Christian bloggers like to place over beautiful images and post on Pinterest. You need to read around those verses and spend time exploring to get the complete, lasting nourishment from the word. It is why I prefer to use a physical Bible rather than a Bible app because with the Bible open in my hands it encourages me to read around the verses and across the pages.

When you start doing that, not just fuelling your spiritual self with the occasional encouraging verse, you begin to tap in to that all day nourishment. And unlike that slice of gherkin on the top of that fast food burger God’s word doesn’t repeat on you in a bad way but it is there sustaining you throughout the day, feeding your mind, your soul, your everything. In fact when you start getting your nourishment this way you will find yourself wanting to fill up on it more and more, wanting to continuously feast on God’s nourishing words.

And do you know something else, you can get fat on God’s word, yes fat but in this case it is a good type of fat as I heard Ned Graham, the youngest son of Billy Graham, explain at his father’s funeral, his father was F.A.T. – faithful, available and teachable. So whilst physically I may need to shed a few pounds spiritually I want to get F.A.T. feasting on his word.

Now I would love for anyone reading this or any blog post on here to share those verses I put on images and use them as encouragement I would love it even more for you to go deeper with the Bible and get the sort of nourishment which fuels you all day long, which keeps you coming back for more and makes you F.A.T.

Matthew 4:4
Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” – Matthew 4:4 (NIV)

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