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Christian Blog GraveyardWhen I felt God was calling me to start the Slanting-N I initially laughed but I also had a look around the internet at what other Christian bloggers were writing about, and there are a lot of Christian bloggers, Hallelujah. But I noticed three things: Firstly the sites which appeared at the top of search results were unsurprisingly often big ministry sites where lots of people worked on them. Secondly that many Christian blogs were written by women with it feeling for every one Christian blog I found written by a man I would find a dozen written by a wife, a mother who were often home-schooling as well: please no one be offended as it is only an observation based on what came back in the search results and those blogs are excellent, speaking to an audience who might not read other Christian blogs.

But there was that third thing which I noticed and that there was a lot of Christian blogs which probably had been started with a lot of optimism but had since been abandoned. Having owned and run various websites over the years I know there are lots of reasons why this might have happened; the writer’s life got busier than expected, they struggled to come up with new things to write about, they became despondent at the lack of visitors to their blog, got tired of getting nasty comments and maybe they hoped their blog would make money yet found themselves out of pocket. I am sure there are lots of other reasons and just thinking about all the regulations which have been introduced in the past couple of years when it comes to websites and blogs makes it less of a hobby thing to do these days and something which takes money and time.

The thing is that I know of at least three Christian blogs I came across which hadn’t been touched for a year or two yet they had the answer to what I was looking for and I am grateful to God for them. I am grateful that not only did the writer have the faith to write those blog posts but then to leave them there when they stopped blogging. And it is why I feel like I needed to write this little blog post as Christian blogging is important and in fact is flourishing as more and more Christians decide to take their faith on to the internet. In fact I encourage anyone who is thinking about doing this to do so in some form or another be it a full blog or they share their faith on facebook or any social media site because we all have a story to tell, some experience where God helped you and by sharing it online you are putting it out their for the masses. You may only have one thing to write, maybe you only want to share your testimony or why a passage of scripture means so much to you but it may be read by thousands, or it might be read by just one person whether it is a thousand or one if it helps them then that is brilliant.

And the whole point of this blog post really comes down to this; if you have a Christian blog that you abandoned and maybe feel bad for abandoning it, don’t. What you wrote, no matter how long ago, can be the answer that someone is looking for as they either battle with their faith or are seeking answers to why they should become a Christian in the first place. And surely that is what is important; not having the nicest looking blog, the biggest blog or the one with millions of visitors but having a blog which may have one post on it which makes the difference to one person in need of an answer or in need of encouragement.

Psalm 102:18
Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord: – Psalm 102:18 NIV

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