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Hymns in the Attic

Hymns in the AtticMy parents come from a generation where you didn’t throw anything away because one day it might come in useful. It is why they have an attic which some would consider a treasure trove, I consider it a dust filled, spider inhabited, sweat box. But it was whilst searching for some thing amongst those dust covered boxes that I discovered they had kept all my secondary school exercise books, not sure why they thought they might be of use some day but there they were. And in the midst of these old exercise books, some of which were quite amusing to read, I discovered an old hymn book from my junior school which back then we would sing from in the daily assembly. I don’t know how I ended up with it as it is technically the property of that school and so whilst I repent of my sins for I presume not returning it at the end of my time there I doubt they would want it back some 35+ years later.

But I tell you what, flicking through this small and extremely battered hymn book brought back some amazing memories especially when I came across hymn 30 which was “Morning Has Broken”. Continue reading

3 Songs, 3 Moods

3 songs, 3 MoodsFor those who become Christians now you have never had it so good, musically. It is something which really grabbed me when I reconnected with my faith after 2 decades of not going to church because the wide variety of songs and Christian artists which I found myself listening to was blowing me away. From beautiful acoustic versions of old classics to lively praise songs it was a far cry from what I grew up on. To give you an understanding of that the first 10 years of my life were very much the classics as in “To God be the Glory” and “Morning Has Broken”, during my teens that became “Shine Jesus Shine” and “El Shaddai”. And outside of the music we sang in church there were Christian bands such as Stryper and DC Talk. Continue reading