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God’s Logic is Not Our Logic

God's Logic is Not Our Logic

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord – Isaiah 55:8

There you have it, God tells us straight that we don’t think the way that he does and we don’t act the way that he does. The question is; are our ways better than God’s? Really, do you think I am actually asking that question! God even goes on to tell us:

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. – Isaiah 55:9

All great, God’s thoughts and ways are superior to ours except of course not everyone believes in God and when you start looking at the way of the world so often it seems in conflict with God’s ways, his wisdom which we find in the Word. At times the ways of the world don’t just feel like they are in conflict with God’s wisdom they seem to turn it upside down. Continue reading

The Tape in my Closet

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry - James 1:19
My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry – James 1:19

You know it isn’t just celebrities who have film of them doing things they would rather not have others see, there is film of me doing something which I would rather no one saw. The thing is that whilst with celebrities it might be a sex tape which suddenly surfaces, often thanks to a vengeful ex, the film of me is nothing like that at all. Nope that video tape is from when I was a teenager who with a couple of church friends performed a D.C. Talk rap on stage during one of the church concerts. I would love to tell you that I was pretty fly for a white guy but you can probably guess from me dropping that line that I am not or have ever been fly for a white guy and I have no idea why I even agreed to perform on stage in the first place. And years later, every time I have thought of that night I have cringed, I can even hear the laughter when I stood there centre stage, arms crossed whilst my two friends did the running man either side of me.

The thing is that I can’t change the past but I am grateful that my brief rap career was many years ago as there is only one video tape of that night in existence and is in one person’s hands instead of all over the internet. Continue reading

Pity Party for One

Pity Party for OneI am not a huge fan of parties, people doing small talk is a challenge for me, but I use to have quite a regular party, a pity party just for me so that I could moan about life being unfair and so on. Praise the Lord that I have moved on from those days where thanks to wallowing in self pity I could easily waste an entire day feeling bad for myself and moaning about how much my life sucked.

But as with most things in life I have learned a few things about dealing with that life robbing fed-up funk which I want to share with you.

1) Tell the Devil to Do One

That image is a pin I found on pinterest, I don’t know who originated it as it has been pinned, shared and tweeted enough times that it is hard to find the source. But it is an image out of a study bible and it tells you right there what the devil does; he wants you to feel self-pity, he wants you to feel like you deserve better, I could go on but to put it plainly the devil lies and it is those lies which are making you feel bad and indulging in self pity, believing the World owes you something and you deserve an easy ride. Continue reading

Wondering Why Without a Flux Capacitor

Paul Nigh's '' Back to the Future DeLorean Time MachineWhilst not intended this post works as a companion piece to “Don’t Let Your Past Rob You of Now” as they both focus on dealing with your past.

This year marks 10 years since I had major back surgery and when ever I look in the mirror at my back I can see the long scar which is a reminder that I have a few screws and wires in my spine. Whilst the operation has provided me some stability it didn’t remove the pain, lust lessened it a little and I still require a stick to walk with. My back issues are not the only thing which doesn’t seem to have changed a great deal over the last decade; I may be debt free and self employed but I barely scrape through each week just like many do. And whilst I never imagined it would be this way I am still living in my parents’ home.

But do you know what, all this; my history with gambling, the debt I ended up in, the back issues and other health issues I have contended with are no longer baggage which I drag around but are part of my story and are blessings. Yes, I really did say blessings Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Past Rob You of Now

Don't Let Your Past Rob You of NowIf you have read my testimony, and if not why not, you will know there are one or two things in my past which for a while I let define me, having once been a former gambler who ran up massive debts is not some thing you shake off and deal with over night. But thanks to the grace of God I have moved on from those times and rather than seeing them as something I should keep hidden like a dirty secret I see them as something which happened which God has not only used to grow me as a person but will use to help others who might be going through similar times. Yet this blog post isn’t about those things from are pasts, those things which we have dealt with and moved on from, but the other things which end up robbing us in the now, keeping us a prisoner of the fear of failing.

The best way to explain this is to give you an example from my own life. As a teenager growing up in an evangelical church we were encouraged to share our faith with people, yes we were called to evangelise. Now I never felt comfortable doing that, not that I didn’t believe it was something we were called to do as Christians but I simply never felt confident enough to talk to strangers, not just about being a Christian but basically about anything and as for talking to groups, well I would find any excuse not to. I will blame part of that on the effects of negative “what if” teaching by those who should have been empowering me Continue reading

Drifting Down a River

Drifting Down a RiverI don’t know whether it is some thing that other Christians have discovered but I often find myself coming up with analogies for messages within the Scripture, especially those which connect with me on a deeper lesson. And this is one as “Drifting Down a River” came to me when I was reading a Christian blog post which in relation to 1 Timothy 4 the author had used the word drift. It was only a casual use of the word, there was no focus on it but it made me think back to my younger years as a Christian and gave me a picture as an analogy for it.

Imagine you are out canoeing with friends and you are drifting down a river which is littered with hazards. For a while when ever some thing would come along be it a rock or a thick patch of weed you put in the effort to navigate around it or go over it, or catch up with friends when they seem to be getting ahead. But then you start to not bother, you happily drift along looking at what is happening on the river banks and allowing the current to carry you, not putting in any effort at all until BAM Continue reading

When Life Doesn’t Turn Out as Expected

When Life Doesn't Turn Out as ExpectedI can remember when I was a teenager having a conversation with a friend about our plans for life. When I left school I was going to get a job at a recording studio, be married by 24 and would have two children by the time I was 30, whilst living in a nice detached modern home on a nice estate. In truth I don’t remember whether that plan involved God and church but I clearly had a plan for how my life was going to turn out and fully expected it to turn out like that. I am now 45 and life didn’t turn out as expected; I didn’t get a job in a recording studio, I didn’t get married, I didn’t have children and the closest I got to owning my own home was a rented room.

Of course over time those plans evolved and changed drastically as things didn’t turn out as expected. When, after leaving school and sending out over 140 CVs only to get no job offers, I ended up working in a supermarket and rolled with the punches, making the most of the situation, even when old school friends would come in and mention what they were doing, which always seemed so much better than my life. Continue reading


GIGOMany years ago I worked as a computer programmer and one of the things I learned was the acronym GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage Out) which simply means that if what you typed in to the computer was rubbish you would get rubbish out. And there is a lot of truth to GIGO when we relate it to other things; such as a car, if you put bad oil or petrol in it then it isn’t going to work as well as it should. And it is the same with us especially when it comes to what we watch, read and listen to; in my case that was especially true when it came to what I watched. Continue reading

Life is Like a Rubik’s Cube

Life is Like a Rubik's CubeBack in the 80s, when I was a lot younger, the Rubik’s Cube was the big craze, and I remember it well how trying to solve the cube would frustrate me. I could get one side with no problems, some times two sides and I think I did three sides once but as a child I never managed to solve this puzzle, always not wanting to mess up the sides I had completed whilst trying to work out how to sort out the next one.

Jump forwards 30 years and I decided to tackle the Rubik’s Cube again, well cheat as the one I got came with a solution Continue reading