Book Review – The Journey

Book Review - The JourneyGrowing up I never had that day to day Christian life, there was Sunday school followed by church but during the week there was nothing. In fact when I became an older teen I became part of the church’s youth team, the first one they set up to try and provide a Christian message aimed specifically for teenagers and the issues they were facing. What I missed growing up was that day to day walk with the Lord which starts in the home because whilst my mother went to church on a Sunday my father didn’t and so I couldn’t turn to him with questions about faith and the bible. Yes there was the pastor I could have spoken to and Sunday school teachers but this was a time before mobiles and the internet so having a quick chat was not as easy as it is now.

I mention my past because having finished reading Billy Graham’s “The Journey” I know this is the sort of book I could have done with as a new Christian trying to navigate life and Christianity without the access to a mentor who I could approach at anytime. In this book Billy Graham takes us on a journey through the Christian life, answering those sorts of questions many of us find ourselves confronted by on that journey such as; why is there suffering if God loves us and how to deal with worry, fear and disappointment. But he also goes in to issues such as why we need the church and fellowship, how to keep going through tough times as well as giving guidance on relationships and marriage. And with each of these sections he delivers advice based on bible teachings but also from a life of learning and stories to demonstrate what he is saying.

It isn’t that Billy Graham goes in to any great theological depth when explaining the areas he touches upon but he does so in a clear and to the point way. It is a way which comes from a life of living what he is saying and having refined his answers having spoken on the issues time and again. That is the other great benefit of Billy Graham’s “The Journey” because if you are familiar with the late evangelist it feels like he is sitting with you in the room as you read his words, explaining in a patient and friendly manner. You even get a sense of that seriousness he possessed when you read words which tell you not to conform to the ways of the World.

What this means is that “The Journey” is one of those books which after you have finished reading you can return to when you feel like you need guidance on a specific subject making it an ideal gift for new Christians. But for some it might not go deep enough as it is very much a general guide to the Christian life and the questions which might come up as you journey through it.

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