3 Songs, 3 Moods

3 songs, 3 MoodsFor those who become Christians now you have never had it so good, musically. It is something which really grabbed me when I reconnected with my faith after 2 decades of not going to church because the wide variety of songs and Christian artists which I found myself listening to was blowing me away. From beautiful acoustic versions of old classics to lively praise songs it was a far cry from what I grew up on. To give you an understanding of that the first 10 years of my life were very much the classics as in “To God be the Glory” and “Morning Has Broken”, during my teens that became “Shine Jesus Shine” and “El Shaddai”. And outside of the music we sang in church there were Christian bands such as Stryper and DC Talk.

But as my title says “3 Songs, 3 Moods”, there are 3 songs which right now are my go to Christian songs depending on what mood I am in:

First up is Rescuer by Rend Collective which with its repetitive driving nature, folksy sound and frankly quirky music video can’t but help lift your spirits. But what I really love about this song alongside the lyrics is that there is this community spirit about it, that it is a foot stamping, sing along song which anyone can join in with and have fun doing so.

Next up is “My Worth Is Not In What I Own” which Graham Kendrick co-wrote with Keith & Kristyn Getty. There is again a folksy sound to this but also a quieter, meditative quality which allows you to pay deep attention to the lyrics. And it was those lyrics which first grabbed my attention having spent much of my last 20 years putting worth in what I owned and wanting more rather than in having a relationship with God.

And finally I find myself returning to the classics with “How Great Thou Art” but an acoustic version sung by Lauren Daigle. I am sure Lauren Daigle singing “Trust in You” was the first Christian song I heard when I reconnected with my faith but it is the clear praise in Daigle’s voice, the acoustic guitar and the amazing lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” which I will admit moves me to tears when ever I hear this song, humbling me and reminding me what a great God we have.

As I write this I give thanks to God for all these wonderful Christian musicians we have these days who are delivering music as good as anything you will hear in the charts. And I also want to mention UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) as it is through listening to UCB2 radio on the internet I have heard so many great songs but also great testimonies.

As with most things my music choices will change and I am sure at some point you will see me do another quick post to share the Christian songs which currently are my go to songs. So what are yours?

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